Logistics and Security of fluid transport: on-board computer/IoT
GRIZZLI Solutions

Logistics and Security of fluid transport: on-board computer/IoT

GRIZZLI, expert in on-board computer, offers innovative tools and technologies for :

– The management, monitoring and control in real time and remotely of routes for the delivery of hazardous fluids and petroleum products to professionals and individuals,

– The cargo monitoring,

– The safety of personnel and the security of equipment.

GRIZZLI offers customized on-board computer systems, designed in perfect harmony with the needs expressed. These systems are supported by modular, scalable solutions developed with standard tools and components on the market.

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GRIZZLI Solutions: design and development of high value-added solutions generating significant competitive gains through process improvement, cost control, procedural compliance monitoring, fraud prevention and control.


Grizzli benefits


A real management and supervision tool to:

  • Ensure compliance with safety instructions,
  • Ensure that there is no fraudulent practice,
  • Alert in case of near-miss accident situations,
  • Control logistics efficiency.

Remote management tool for:

  • Inventory management,
  • Performance indicators,
  • The traceability of operations,
  • Geo-tracking,
  • Suppression of data recollection,
  • Securing of tackings,
  • Driving safety,
  • Fleet optimization,
  • Driver recognition

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